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"Holly Gibson comes highly recommended to provide onsite chair massage in a corporate setting. This type of massage helps employees manage the tension, muscle stiffness and fatigue associated with extended times spent at their desks or in front of their computers. Chair massage can reduce stress and enhance alertness throughout the workday. Having Holly Gibson provide this service onsite makes it convenient for employees to access during work hours and helps employees feel valued and appreciated. It should be a priority for your wellness program."

Pam MacKnight
Employee Health & Wellness Coordinator,
NAV Canada, Edmonton.

“Mobile Corporate Massage allows you to have a highly skilled, personal, connected massage in your office or workplace without compromise. Holly is highly skilled, always professional and punctual with an emphasis on creating a safe, healing environment. Highly recommended!”

David F.

"I love how she does cupping, hot stone plus regular massage all in one. I booked my husband in too and I will definitely go back!"

Shawna K.

“After meeting Holly at Edmonton International Airport, I was very impressed with her professionalism and techniques for my (chair) massage. I have been going to her home office for many years ever since and always look forward to the next visit. She is very well versed in massage therapy and many different modalities like cupping, raindrop therapy, and hot stone. Very highly recommended!”

Linda L.

"Good Morning Holly, I just wanted to let you know that the shoulder feels better than it has in almost three months. No pain at all!"

Erin B.

“The Hot Stone massage experience with Holly is the highlight of my week! She even alternated hot and cold stones to address my inflammation. I have been seeing Holly for years and she continues to add new elements to her practice to give her clients the best of care and her knowledge is extensive.”

Sue L.

“Chair massage is my favorite and Holly is so good at it. The surroundings are beautiful and calming, and the chair itself is very comfortable with adjustable face cradle and arm rests. It’s fantastic how Holly can really get into my tight muscles of neck, shoulders and back (also, head and hands) while I’m on the massage chair. She is well trained with excellent technique. I leave relaxed and feeling great. I very highly recommend Holly.”

Monica P.

“Holly is absolutely amazing! She is professional and has a lot of skill and knowledge with massage and reflexology. The combination of these two modalities has helped me recover from injury, inflammation and joint pain. Thank you, Holly!”

Tracey H

“I have had many wonderful sessions from Holly in all the services she offers from massage, raindrop therapy, cupping to Reiki and have received the benefits each has to offer. Holly has a very unique talent when offering Reiki practice that is non-invasive and makes you feel so amazing, relaxed but energized at the same time! If you are looking to try Reiki and gain a deeper experience, go see Holly as you will not be disappointed! You will feel self-empowered and find yourself being more allowing, accepting, embracing, kind, grateful and mindful.”

Glenda S.

“My Raindrop Therapy session was much more than anticipated. I’ve seen Holly in the past for intermittent appointments and was looking forward to this one, as this was my first Raindrop session. I felt comfortable, relaxed and safe in Holly’s space. The aromatherapy from the oils was lovely. I was having some nights of insomnia leading up to my appointment, and to my delight, I slept through the night after my session. Overall, a wonderful experience!”

Jasmine F.

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